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Work on Emmanuel Park Continues!

The Latest from Emmanuel Park

Construction Update Winter 2022

  The individual timers have been milled and they have completed the fabrication phase at Texas Timbers.  The components are moving into the staining phase which should be completed within 2 weeks in Texas.  Our general contractor is working with Hole Montes to do the staking of the exact location of the pavilion as well as their cement subcontractor to schedule the concrete pour.  Texas Timbers has revised their scheduled "earliest" to late December.  We have suggested setting a fixed date in the second half of January to ensure they have the crane and other rental equipment needed for erection of the frame.  We are getting closer each day!   Patience will be rewarded.  

Construction Update Spring 2020

Phase one is now complete! New life continues to prosper at Emmanuel Park in the form of fresh grass, planted trees, shrubs and flowers! As we mow the lawn, place signage and put the finishing touches on the playing field, the Park Planning Committee is excited to continue their mission! 

In addition to Early Childhood Learning, Mentoring and After School Programs, Sports, Community functions and Worship, we continue to explore opportunities for inclusion in Phase 2 of Phase 3. The most recent Campus Plan is included on the Park page of this site.

Please reach out to Dee for more information on existing plans and possible programs.

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